Welcome, and I hope enjoy the images you see. These are glimpses from my world, my mind and what I see when I look at the world around me. A person soulfully playing music, an emotion immortalized on a persons face, the way the sun plays with the view of a street, building or flower: I aim to capture each of these moments. Abstract art, its captivating lines and color, speak to me. I hope some of my work and Portsmouth, NH Photography speaks to you.

Most of my images are available for purchase. They make beautiful calendars, cards, full mounted prints or nearly anything you can dream up. Contact me for details about the photographs you are interested in and how you’d like them displayed and I can work with you to present the piece in the best possible way for you.

Whether you are visiting to explore or purchase, I would like to hear from you! Located here in Portsmouth, NH, I may be available to take custom shots. Contact me if there is something you’d like to see and I will see what I can find.

It’s an amazing world: people, moments, light, lines and so much more. Enjoy my window into it!