Photo of Portsmouth, NH photographer MW Kaplan.  I’ve always been passionate about art and photography. I remember taking a photo of a single rose as a child: the anticipation waiting for the film to develop, the way the image captivated me. That passion has grown and matured with me as time has passed and now I’ve been a Portsmouth, NH photographer for 30 years…

I don’t take regular portraits; it’s just not my style. Instead I prefer to capture the candid moments, such as a singer in the middle of their song, or a guitarist in the middle of their solo, and the living world around me. My favorite photos to take are: abstracts, landscapes, floral, candid moments, and of course, guitars.  What I love most about these subjects is how they allow me to focus on the moment and challenge me to show the world what I see through my photographs.

I am an active member of the New Hampshire Art Association, Kittery Art Association and the York Art Association.

I love to receive feedback on my work; please feel free to reach out and let me know your thoughts.